Foreign company registration process in Qatar

Qatar, a country most investors visit for business purposes. This nation is well known for its premium infrastructures, work premises and communication facilities. All these and many more makes foreign company registration in Qatar very enticing option for investors all around the world.

There are several steps of business incorporation but these steps are relatively convenient and easy to follow if you are going according to the advices of an expert business consultation. A reliable business consultancy company can guide you through the whole registration process and can assist you when and wherever you need in your new business setup procedure in Qatar.

This article however, aims to provide you with all the necessary company incorporation steps in Qatar that as a foreign individual you have to go through when determined to start a business. At the end of this article you should get a clear knowledge on relevant aspect and hence your company setup process will be more convenient in Qatar for you.

Steps of foreign company registration in Qatar

The company registration in Qatar is pretty straight forward. There are fewer complications and if you are moving forward along with an expert consultant, than these steps are not at all difficult. So, without any more delay, here is the company setup process in Qatar:

1. Company name reservation

The very first step of Qatar business incorporation process is the trade name reservation. A unique name has to be chosen for your company and it has to be booked and reserved by drafting an official application form and submits that to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Qatar.

2. Corporate bank account opening

Next you need to open a corporate bank account in one of the banks in Qatar. It is a compulsory step when you are setting up a foreign company in Qatar. As a foreign individual you can open an account as soon as you get an approval latter from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Qatar. It takes 1 to 2 working days right after you deposit the business capital.

3. Prepare AoA

Prepare Article of Association for the company you are setting up. Once ready get approval of your AoA from the Ministry of Ministry of Business and trade. You will get dedicated form for AoA which you need to collect from the same ministry. There are several fields in the AoA form that you need to mention when drafting it. It is necessary as far as foreign company registration in Qatar is concerned.

4. Submit all paperwork for business registration

Once AoA ready and and submitted, consider submitting other documents and forms necessary for the business incorporation. The forms and submission requirements depend on the company type in this nation. During this phase you can obtain various licenses and approvals from various authority and ministry of Qatar.

5. Get registered with Qatar chamber of commerce

The next step is to get your company registered from the Qatar chamber of commerce. For this you need to apply to get registered. However, there are several documents you need to carry with you during the signup. These are: Commercial registration form, Copy of GM’S national ID card, Certification of company registration that you have gathered in previous stage, certificate of authenticity for foreign business incorporation, ID card of related shareholders of the company.

6. Obtain trade license

You are almost done with the business registration process in Qatar. At this phase you need to obtain a trade license for your business. This license you can collect from the Ministry of economy and Commerce (MEC). To apply for this Trade License you need to fill up designated form and submit it accordingly to the MEC in Qatar. 

7. Order for company seal

The very last stage of the foreign company registration in Qatar is to order and prepare a fixed company seal. This is mandatory as far as you run business in this country and as far as foreign company is concerned MBT in Qatar will verify whether the company has its own seal or stamp or not.

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