Costs for company formation in Qatar

Finally to setup a business you need to come up with sufficient capital. In an average you are expected to invest a capital that ranges in between US $ 50,000 to $60,000. The amount however, depends on business type, positioning and radius of establishment in this country.

So, with all general factors in consideration, below we have given you a table that illustrates cost estimation.

 Services for business setup in QatarMinimum cost / Year (US$)
1.Trade name proposal1,000
1Company registration fees at Qatar free zone13,000
2Government license, approval fees10,000
3Opening a bank account at Qatar corporate bank5,000
4Arranging office premises in free zone1,500
5Project Management fees per two months4,500

The table above shows an approximate cost that you may need to come up with when setting up your dream company in Qatar. Nevertheless, the variation of these prices never goes too high or low. So, once you are done with the steps of company formation in Qatar, the nation welcomes you to its corporate world with arms wide open.

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