Steps of company formation in Qatar

Before you want to start a business in Qatar, you first need to understand the process of company setup in this gulf nation. There are few steps of company formation in Qatar that will eventually allow you to set your valid corporate venture in this nation. If you are failed to follow these incorporation processes, you cannot run your company in this country and in extreme case you may have to face the legal obligations and possible deportation. So, what could be the steps to setup a company here? Let’s find out.

Accepted types of companies in Qatar

Before hoping directly into the company setup process, as a foreign investor you first need to know all types of business formation which is valid to run in Qatar. After that you can choose your preference as per business need. Below are the acceptable business structures valid in Qatar:

  • Limited Liability Company.
  • Limited Partnership Company.
  • Particular Partnership Company.
  • Equities Partnership Company.
  • Joint venture Company
  • Shareholding Company.

It is a vital recommendation to consult a business expert in Qatar before you choose to role on in one of these business types here. Once sure about your company niche, you have to fill up the registration paperwork based on your business categories.

Company setup steps in Qatar

Before you proceed for business incorporation process in Qatar, you first have to prepare few documents. These documents will be eventually necessary once you approach for the business setup process here. Following are the list of documents you need to come up first for the setup procedure:

Document you need for the business setup process

  • Company information in detail format
  • Detail business plan that you are going to run in Dubai
  • All  information about shareholders in the company
  • Bank statements and approval letters

Now, when you are all ready with the documents needed, the next step is straight forward, and that is the company registration process in Qatar. Following are the uniform steps of business setup in this country:

Steps of company registration process in Qatar

  • It is the initial advice to consult a business consultancy firm to get proper help and recommendation during company incorporation process in Qatar.
  • Following this the first step of company formation will be set a unique trade name. For that as an applicant you have to reserve the name using appropriate form provided for this very purpose.
  • When the trade name is reserved, a paid-up capital must be submitted the recommended bank in Qatar.
  • For the step above you need to have a bank account in Qatar to deal with the monetary dealings in the business. So, you have to open this corporate bank account during the whole registry process.
  • The next step is to draft AoA and MoA forms for your business.
  • Authenticate Article of Association (AoA) once prepared.
  • When the Memorandum of Association (MoA) is ready, you have to submit it to the legal company setup authority; which is the Commercial Companies Control Department in Qatar, along with other company registration paper you have drafted.
  • Get recommended licenses and approval certificates from the authorities in Qatar as per expert recommendations. Especially you need to have a trade license and signage license which has to be collected from the Municipality of Doha
  • Register with the Commercial Registry from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Qatar
  • Collect Trade Identification Number (TIN) which needs to be registered with the Authority of taxation and revenue body in this nation.
  • Make company seal for business usage.